Our Brands


Aryuv’s personal care, hygiene and baby care products perfectly complement for daily care needs, all at an affordable cost. They are specially formulated to be gentle on the skin to provide the best care that people deserve.

Our products include; Baby wipes, Wet tissues, Facial tissues, Cotton tissues, Anti-bacterial wipes, Aloe Vera wipes, Pocket tissues and Single-pack Wet wipe (Catering packs).


Aryuva serves the purpose of delivering 100% naturally prepared collection of fresh goodness to complement any meal, making it the perfect cooking companion. Our premium products at value prices focus on delivering quality, taste and freshness to every household.

Our products include; Tomato paste, Whole mushrooms, Sweet Kernel Corn and Chickpeas. With a variety of packs, there’s a taste for everyone.


Bummies is the top companion for all parents with its soft, comfortable, secure, easy to wear and leak-proof diaper range that gives babies the maximum protection to keep them dry and happy throughout the day & night.

Our products include; Baby diapers, Baby Pants and Baby Diapers (Travel pack). As babies grow, so do our sizes, ranging from Small to Extra-Large, applicable for newborns up to toddlers.


Sea Korus is all about bringing the freshest ingredients from the sea right to people’s homes. They are ideal meal options for anyone looking for a healthy light snack to integrating it into a delicious main meal.

Our products include; succulent and fresh Sardines, Tuna Chunks and Shredded Tuna that are packed with flavour to be enjoyed hot or cold within minutes.


PK CELL is a leading battery brand that focuses on high quality, durable and reliable batteries that can be widely applied in the telecommunication and electronic industry. Power through and stay switched on with PK CELL.

Our products include; Alkaline batteries, Super heavy-duty batteries, Lithium button cells, Rechargeable batteries, and its chargers for powerful, durable, dependable, and long-life performance.

Royal Umbrella

Since its establishment in 1979, Royal Umbrella has been the pinnacle of premium quality, fragrant and delicious products. They are manufactured with a close focus on sustainability, quality standards and premium value along with improving meals of people around the country.

Our products include; 100% authentic Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice, Brown rice, Coconut milk, Coconut cream, Coconut milk powder, Coconut cream powder, Oyster Sauce and Canned Tuna.


Ustam Börek is a pioneer product that is high quality pastry margarine and the top choice of all professionals due its incredible taste, consistency and performance. It is ideal for dough applications to make pastry delicacies from croissants, pies and Danish pastries to mille-feullies with its premium quality.

Our product includes; Ustam Börek high quality puffy pastry margarine that is available in pre-cut blocks for the best quality edible fats and oils for professional use.