Bummies was established in 2016 as a way to tackle the growing need for parents to find comfortable, secure, easy-to-use and leak-proof diapers at affordable prices to provide the best for their babies. We actively undertook R & D to ensure that our premium diapers were ultra-soft, breathable, comfortable and gave babies the maximum protection to keep them dry throughout the day and night.

 Our unique features of incorporating elastic waistbands for that superior stretchable comfort and an interior lining made of non-woven materials act as a leak guard for added absorption and maximum protection for the little ones. Bummies Premium diapers are made with no harsh chemicals for that gentle care that a baby deserves. Each of our premium Bummies diapers meets the utmost quality standards for that special care for babies and a stress-free mind for the mummies.

 As babies grow, so do our sizes. Our range includes various sizes starting with diapers for newborns up to toddlers till they have been potty trained. Bummies diapers are conveniently available in retailers nationwide so that it can be the top companion for all the mothers, fathers and parents to be.

Our Products

Bummies Baby Diapers (Travel Pack)

Bummies Premium Baby Diapers are ultra-absorbent, stretchy and comfortable to safeguard against leakages. They are specially packaged in a travel pack for all the parents on the go.

Bummies Baby Diapers

Bummies Premium Diapers are making every parent’s life easier and cleaner with an ultra-absorbent, stretchy and comfortable diaper range to protect the baby’s skin and safeguard against leakages.

Bummies Baby Pants

Bummies Diaper pants are the perfect and most convenient solution for lasting comfort and all-rounded protection in a pant-style diaper that is easy to slip-on, made with cotton soft material that is flexible for all of the baby’s movements.